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RESCHEDULED   Aboyne Ladies Foursomes rescheduled to Friday 27th September
Gents Ladies 


Senior Gents

Senior  Ladies Senior Mixed 
Junior/Adult Junior
May 2019
Thurs May 2 Kintore Senior Gents Stableford Open
Fri May 3 Insch Mixed Stableford Open for Malawi Flood Relief
Sat May 4 Alford Ladies Stableford Open
Sun May 5
Auchmill MND Charity Texas Scramble
Mon May 6 Portlethen Individual Open
Peterculter May Day Texas Scramble
Tues  May 7 Huntly Senior Gents Texas Scramble (teams of 3)
Wed May 8
Thurs May 9 Oldmeldrum Tony Anderson  Memorial Senior Open
Fri May 10 Insch Senior Ladies Greensomes
Sat  May 11 Fraserburgh Gents Open (Jimmy Gibb Tankard)
Alford Gents Open
Peterculter Ladies Open
    Huntly Teachers Texas Scramble (teams of 4)
Sun May 12 Duff House Royal Gents 18 Hole Open (Ladysbridge Village Ltd) 
Inverurie Gents Texas Scramble (teams of 3)
Wed May 15
Fri May 17 Oldmeldrum Friday Afternoon Eclectic Open
Sat  May 18 Kintore Gents Spring Open
Duff House Royal Ladies Open (Spence & Merchiston)
Sun May 19 Craibstone World Whisky Day Individual Open Stableford
Oldmeldrum Phil Anderson Financial Services Charity Open
Cruden Bay Ladies Stableford Open
Braemar Texas Scramble
Kemnay Mixed Greensomes
“Welcome to Insch” Open Stableford Sweep
Portlethen Texas Scramble
on May 20
Tues May 21
Wed May 22 Kemnay Senior Gents Open
Thurs May 23 Duff House Royal Senior (over 50) Texas Scramble
Cruden Bay Senior Gents Open Stableford
Fri May 24 Auchmill Senior Gents Open
Sat May 25 Ellon  Buchan Gents Open
Turriff Ladies Stableford Open
  Alford RS Coaches Texas Scramble (teams of 4)
Sun May 26 Aboyne Mixed Greensomes
Mon May 27 Turriff Senior Gents Open
Tues May 28
Wed May 29
June 2019 TOP
Sat Jun 1 Kemnay Gents Open (Lawrence of Kemnay)
Huntly Gents Open
Sun Jun 2 Duff House Royal Gents 36 Hole Open (Brangan Cup) (hcap limit 9)
 Craibstone Gents 2 Ball Better Ball Open
  Turriff Gents Open
Alford Mixed Greensomes
Tues Jun 4 Alford Senior Gents Open
Oldmeldrum Senior Gents Open
Wed  Jun 5   Turriff - Turriff Show Charity Open
Thurs Jun 6 Aboyne Ladies TRI-AM
Fri Jun 7
Craibstone Senior Gents Individual Open

Ellon Senior Gents Stableford
Sat Jun 8  Inverurie Gents Charity Open
Torphins Ladies Open Stableford
Kemnay Ladies Open
  Huntly Ladies Open sponsored by KS Designs
Stonehaven Gents Texas Scramble
Sun Jun 9   Insch John Smith & Company Gents Open
Peterculter Mixed Greensomes
Stonehaven Mixed Greensomes rearranged to 29 September
Mon Jun 10 Portlethen Senior Gents Open
Tues Jun 11
Thurs Jun 13
Fri Jun 14 Oldmeldrum Friday Afternoon Eclectic Open
Sat Jun 15 Fraserburgh Glover Cup Gents  Open 
Alford Gents Fourball Better Ball Open
Ellon Ironside Ladies Open Stableford
Ellon Rotary Junior Open
Sun Jun 16 Cruden Bay Texas Scramble
    Kintore Anderson Bain Best Ball Open (teams of 3)
Huntly Mixed Greensomes sponsored by KS Designs
Mon Jun 17
Tues Jun 18
Wed Jun 19
Thurs  Jun 20 Duff House Royal Senior Gents Open (over 50)
Fri Jun 21 Insch Senior Mixed Greensomes
Inverurie Ladies Greensomes
Sat Jun 22  Inverurie Gents Open
Kintore Craig and Beverley Ladies 3 Ball Better Ball Team Open
Sun June 23 Portlethen Gents Open
“Welcome to Insch” Open Stableford Sweep
Mon June 24 Stonehaven Senior Gents Open
Tues June 25 Alford Senior Gents Texas Scramble Open (teams of 3)
Wed June 26 Torphins Seniors Open Greensomes
Deeside Senior Gents Open
Thurs June 27
Fri June 28 Peterculter Ladies Greensomes
Sat  June 29 Kemnay Greensomes Open   (Ladies or Gents pairs)
Sun June 30 Lumphanan Ladies K & I Paterson Stoves Open 
Fraserburgh Stella Taylor Mixed Open Greensomes
  Kintore Texas Scramble (teams of 4)
  Turriff AM/AM Open (teams of 4)
July 2019  TOP
Mon Jul 1 Mon 1 - Fri 5 Duff House Royal Ladies 5 Day Open
Tues Jul 2
Wed Jul 3 Insch Senior Gents Open
Thurs Jul 4
Fri Jul 5
Sat Jul 6 Braemar Aberdeen Trophy Centre Gents Open Stableford  
Kintore Gents Open
Peterculter Gents Open
Huntly Taggart Meil Mathers Gents Open
Insch Mansell & Georgina Watson Ladies Open

Sun Jul 7   Oldmeldrum Gents Open (Taggart Meil Mathers)
  Nigg Bay Gents Open (Bon Accord Accountancy Ltd)
Deeside Mixed Open
Inverurie  Mixed Greensomes
Mon Jul 8 Royal Aberdeen Senior Gents Open Stableford
Tues Jul 9 Tues 9 to Fri 12 Cruden Bay Challenge  Cup  Gents 4 day Open
Aboyne Senior Gents Open
Wed Jul 10
Thurs Jul 11   Aboyne Senior Mixed Greensomes
Kintore Senior Gents 3 Man Texas Scramble 
Duff House Royal Junior Open (boys and girls)
Fri Jul 12
Sat  Jul 13 Aboyne Gents Open
Fraserburgh Alcoa Gents Open
Alford Gents Texas Scramble
Sun Jul 14 Deeside Gents Open
Insch Belhaven Best Gents Open
  Craibstone Golf in Scotland  Masters Texas Scramble 
Braemar Mixed Greensomes
  Ellon AM-AM Open (teams of 4) 
 Turriff Multiple Sclerosis Charity Open
Mon Jul 15 Inverurie Senior Gents Open
Tues Jul 16 Alford Senior Ladies 3 Ball Better Ball Open
Wed  Jul 17
Thurs Jul 18
Fri Jul 19   Kintore Senior Mixed Greensomes
Oldmeldrum Friday Afternoon Eclectic Open
Royal Aberdeen Junior Open
Sat Jul 20 Kemnay Black Tee Gents Open
Ellon Ladies Texas Scramble (teams of 3)
Huntly Senior Ladies Greensomes Open
Sun Jul 21
Duff House Royal Mixed Greensomes (Cowie Cup)
Insch Strathbogie Forest & Garden Ltd Texas Scramble Open (teams of 4)
Mon Jul 22 Royal Deeside Golf Classic 22nd to 26th July
Peterculter Senior Gents Open
Kemnay Junior Open 
Tues Jul 23 Craibstone Ladies 3 Open
Alford Junior Open
Wed Jul 24   Turriff Rotary Club Charity Open
Fri Jul 26 Craibstone Senior Gents Texas Scramble (3 man team)
Deeside Ladies Open
Sat Jul 27 Fraserburgh Buchan Firkin 36 Hole Gents Open (max hcap 18)
Oldmeldrum Gents Open (JG Ross (Bakers))
Kintore Blue Manta Gents Open Pairs
Turriff Ladies 3 Ball Better Ball Open
Duff House Texas Scramble
Sun Jul 28 Braemar Kilted Open Scramble  (teams of 4)
Portlethen Texas Scramble
Lumphanan Brudon Joinery Ltd Mixed Foursomes  
Huntly Texas Scramble
Mon Jul 29
August 2019 TOP
Tues  Aug
Wed Aug 
Thurs Aug 1   Duff House Royal Senior Gents Open (over 50) 
Craibstone Junior  Stableford Open
Fri Aug 2   Stonehaven Ladies 3 Ball Better Ball Open
  Inverurie Senior Mixed Greensomes
Sat Aug 3  Ellon Gents Open
Inverurie Ladies Open
Sun Aug 4 Torphins Gents Open
“Welcome to Insch” Open Stableford Sweep
Cruden Bay Mixed Greensomes
Ellon Paul Lawrie Flag Day
Mon Aug 5 Mon 5 to Fri 9 Duff House Royal Gents 5 Day Open (hcap limit 20)
Craibstone Senior Gents Individual Open Stableford
Deeside Junior Open
Tues Aug 6 Aboyne Junior Open
Wed Aug 7
Thurs Aug 8 Peterculter Senior Ladies Greensome
Fri Aug 9   Aboyne Ladies Foursomes
Peterculter Junior Open
Sat Aug 10 Aboyne Gents Texas Scramble
Craibstone Gents Nippon Gases Europe Open
Sun Aug 11 Braemar Ladies Open
  Fraserburgh Open Greensomes
  Kemnay Texas Scramble
Kintore Mixed Greensomes
Turriff Mixed Greensomes
Mon Aug 12 Ellon Senior Gents Open
Inverurie Junior Open
Tues Aug 13 Fraserburgh Senior Buchan Firkin 18 Hole Senior Gents Open Strokeplay
Thurs Aug 15 Cruden Bay Ladies Greensomes
Duff house Royal Senior Ladies Greensomes
Fri Aug  16 Oldmeldrum Senior Ladies Greensomes
Porllethen Junior Open
Sat Aug 17 Stonehaven Scott James & Associates Ltd Gents Open
Alford Gents Open
Oldmeldrum Gents Open (Realm Fire Protection)
Fraserburgh Ladies Open Stableford
  Huntly Ladies Open sponsored by KS Designs (Rescheduled from 8 June)
Sun Aug 18 Dunecht House Mens Open
Cruden Bay Gents Open (Hawklaw Tankard)
Huntly Individual Ladies and Gents Stableford Open - Rotary Club Charity event
Auchmill Mixed Greensomes
Ellon Mixed Greensomes
Mon Aug 19 Mon 19 - Fri 23 Aberdeenshire 5 Day Open (Insch, Inverurie, Oldmeldrum, Ellon & Newburgh (in that order))
Tues Aug 20 Alford Senior Mixed Greensomes
Huntly Senior Gents Open
Thurs Aug 22 Kintore Senior Gents Open
Fri Aug 23 Kemnay Ladies 3-Ball Team Open
Sat Aug 24 Duff House Royal Gents 18 Hole Open (sponsored by Alastair J Rennie Ltd, Banff)
Inverurie Gents Open Texas Scramble

    Torphins Texas Scramble (teams of 4)
Sun  Aug 25   Insch Gents Open 
Lumphanan E & M Lees Gents Open
  Craibstone Greensomes Open
  Peterculter Texas Scramble
  Turriff Am-Am Open (teams of 4)
Mon Aug 26 Aboyne Senior Gents Greensomes
Tues Aug 27
Thurs Aug 29
Fri Aug 30  Portlethen Ladies Greensomes Open
Auchmill Senior Gents and  Senior Ladies Open
Sat Aug 31 Turriff Gents Open
  Huntly R B Farquhar Gents Open
September 2019 TOP
Fri Sep 
Sat Sep 
Sun Sep 1  Cruden Bay Gents Texas Scramble
Mon Sep 2   Mon 2 to Thurs 5 Duff House Royal Seniors (over 50) 4 Day Open
Kemnay  Senior Gents Charity Open
Tues Sep 3
Wed Sep 4
Thurs Sep 5
Fri Sep 6 Peterculter Senior Gents Stableford Open
Turriff Senior Stableford Open
Sat Sep 7   Alford Ladies Greensomes Open
Sun Sep 8 Fraserburgh Marr Trophy Gents Open
 Duff House Royal Ladies 3 Ball Open
Auchmill Ladies Open
  Kintore Texas Scramble (teams of 4)
Peterculter Mixed Greensomes
Mon Sep 9
Tues Sep 10
Thurs  Sep 12
Fri  Sep 13
Kemnay Senior Mixed Greensomes
Sat Sep 14 Braemar Gents Open
Alford Belhaven Gents Texas Scramble
 Aboyne Ladies Open
Sun Sep 15 Auchmill Gents Open
Royal Aberdeen Gents Open
 Turriff Keith FC Charity Open
  Insch P Wright Flooring Texas Scramble (teams of 4)
Stonehave Selbie Texas Scramble (teams of 4)
   Lumphanan Greensomes Open (Brian Marshall Electrical Services)
Huntly Mixed Greensomes
Mon Sep 16 Braemar Senior Gents Open
Tues Sep 17 Alford Senior Gents Greensomes Open
Thurs Sep 19 Insch Senior Gents Open Scramble (teams of 3)
Sat Sep 21   Duff House Royal Rotary Charity Texas Scramble (teams of 3)
Sun Sep 22  Aboyne Mixed Greensomes
Insch Town and Country Traditional Upholstery Mixed Greensomes
Mon Sep 23 Portlethen Senior Gents Open
Tues Sep 24
Thurs Sep 26
Fri Sep 27   Aboyne Ladies Foursomes
Craibstone Senior Gents Greensomes
Sat Sep 28 Fraserburgh Daniel Masson Memorial Gents Open
 Peterculter Gents Texas Scramble (teams of 4)
Sun Sep 29  Ellon Charity Open
Dunecht House Texas Scramble (teams of 4)
Stonehaven Mixed Greensomes
October 2019 TOP
Tues Oct 1
Thurs  Oct 3 Duff House Royal Senior Gents Open Stableford
Sat Oct 5   Ellon Texas Scramble (teams of 4)
Oldmeldrum Rollstud Texas Scramble
Sun  Oct 6 Craibstone Gents Autumn Open Stableford
Inverurie Gents Autumn Open
  Alford Texas Scramble (teams of 4)
Thurs Oct 10 Oldmeldrum Senior Gents Open (Meldrum and Bourtie Church)
Sat Oct 12
Sun Oct 13 Aboyne Texas Scramble 
Sat Oct 26 Kemnay Texas Scramble 
Sun Oct 27 Oldmeldrum Texas Scramble 11am shotgun start (20 teams only)
Sun  Nov 
Sat Dec 
January 2019
  Sat Jan 

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